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January 29, 2015

The Flower, The Florist And The Flower Shop

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What do these words have in common: flower, florist, flower shop? Apart from all containing the root of the word ‘flower’, there is much more that they should share. Naturally, tied by the human force of the florist, the flowers and the flower shop are intricately connected. Beyond knowing that they’re connected, it’s important to ascertain that the connection is a good one that you, as a client, will want to involve yourself in. What to look for will be a combination of the three. Make sure that on top of providing the flowers you love, the flowers are also of top quality. The florist should be a willing accomplice in ensuring that you get exactly what you ask for, exceeding your own expectations. The flower shop is vital to exceed the expectations. If the flower shop is good and reliable, you will not only get a beautiful bouquet, but it will arrive extremely fresh and on time. Be sure the florist you choose works mutually well with both the flowers and the flower shop. This will ensure a happy customer with a product that is better than imagined.
Flowers, which have been and continue to be the symbol of natural beauty throughout the ages, are one realm of fashion that has not dramatically evolved. This speaks strongly in favor of flowers, indicating their timelessness and perfection that needs no improvement. Thus, when ordering flowers, what you need to consider is not the fashion of flowers, but the preference of the receiver. Once you have decided upon the type of flower, you must find a flower shop that provides your desired selection at optimal quality. A flower’s quality depends very much on the care the florist gives, but beyond the florist’s care, it is optimal that the flowers come straight from the growers or from a flower auction. This ensures their freshness, as the time spent in travel is diminished when flowers make fewer trips to reach their flower shop destination. Flowers are known to positively influence the human psyche, so be sure to go all the way with this positive influence by buying the freshest flowers you can find on the market.
Knowing of this positive effect of flowers on people, you should expect your florist to be an optimistic and friendly person in short, the positive effect of the flowers should not be lost in the worries of their job. A talented florist is not only capable of creating a beautiful arrangement, but also willing and interested in making arrangements with you to ensure the arrival of the bouquet you envision. While the florist is an artist, who must use creativity as a tool of the job, the florist has many more roles to fulfill. One of the most important of these additional roles is the sensitivity of the florist: the florist is not merely putting flowers together, but understanding what event you need the flowers for, what type of person the flowers are directed to the florist must have the capacity to understand and sympathize with the difficulties and joys in life of every occasion, demonstrating this capacity in the end result: the flower arrangement. If the florist deals directly with the grower, either at the grower’s location or through a flower auction, this is a good indicator of the florist, showing someone who cuts the chase directly to the source, lowering prices for himself and his client, by being more direct. The florist, as aforementioned, is a person who creates the connection between flowers and flower shop, between grower and consumer. A person of vital importance, the florist is a person who is impressive and establishes a good rapport with you, his client.
The flower shop is the last, but not the least important, of our floral trinity. The flower shop completes the picture. The flower shop is the entity which makes the talent and efficiency of the florist possible; it is the florist’s workshop and tool bench, if you will, while also serving to keep the flowers in fresh and good condition. It is the flower shop that ensures delivery of flowers to their final destination not merely as a beautiful bouquet, but as fresh, lush, and blooming living creations as alive as a rainforest. In addition, the flower shop plays a role in influencing the consumer and shaping his judgment as regards the whole package of the shop. Online photographs of available bouquets do more than indicate the variety of flowers and caliber of the florist. The photographs, as well as the whole website, are indicators of the organization and professionalism of the company. The self-expression of a company speaks loudly. Reading testimonials on websites is also an indicator of the combination of the flowers, the florist, and the flower shop. It takes a strong performance from each of the participants to make a client happy.
Flowers are, without doubt, a classic, and yet exquisite gift. Unique and living, they are different from all other gifts, and manage to convey emotions at the same time as they are serving a role as a present. Thus, to optimize and reach this potential of emotion that flowers can induce, it is important that you buy your flowers from a flower shop that is professional and serious, with a staff of florists who love their work and consider their flowers as alive as we are, and lastly, with flowers that are as fresh and expressive as you are, to share exactly your thoughts through their understated and clear beauty.

January 26, 2015

Carp Catfish Bait Making Secrets — Expert Energy Ingredients Target Big Fish

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Too many anglers simply make baits from corn flour, or semolina, or ordinary soya bean flour with added flavours They often have NO IDEA what fantastic catches they are missing out on by not using much more nutritional and attractive ingredients!

* Examples of nutritional carbohydrate ingredients great for use in fishing baits:

* Beans, ground-up.

* Peas, ground.

* Lentils, ground.

* sweet lupin seeds ground.

* Nuts, ground.

* Seeds, ground.

* Full fat soya flour.

* Maize meal.

* Sluis CLO.

* Dog biscuits, ground.

* Cat biscuits, ground.

* Grains, ground grains and toasted.

* Seeds, ground seeds and toasted.

Mixing carbohydrate ingredients together with other nutritional bait ingredients, provides a more nutritional bait profile, and enhanced attraction. They can even boost the attraction of protein and fats providing even more energy when carp eat your baits.

Examples of great combinations to add to your nutritional bait include:

* 4 Mixed toasted kinds of seeds, like sesame, pumpkin, sunflower and hemp.

* 4 Mixed toasted nuts, like peanuts, walnuts, brazils, and hazels.

* The importance of fats in baits:


Lipids (fats or oils) are esters of glycerol and fatty acids and their associated organic groups.

Carp aquaculture often the fish and shellfish oils. They are among the most essentially nutritious food sources carp in carp farming.

With the dwindling availability of supplies of wild fish for foods, the substitution of fish oil with omega 3 (docosahexaenoic acid; DHA) derived from the fermentation of algae, is sufficient to sustain growth in aquaculture.

For carp baits, inclusion of lipids at 5 % of dry mix, or about 3 to 4 milliliters per egg, is enough to meet carp dietary needs For example 10 to 20 milliliters of pure high-grade salmon oil per pound of dry boilie base mix.

This is a very highly nutritional source, and is recommended by carp anglers as one of the very best oil source attractors.

For a good oils balance, try mixing equal amounts of plant and fish or shellfish oils together.

Compared to proteins and carbohydrates, carp derive the greatest amount of energy from fats, but fats are actually extremely important in maximizing energy from carbohydrates and protein too.

They are involved in many essential processes and indeed the fats which carp need for life are termed essential fatty acids. Carp utilize a balance, for example, of monounsaturates, polyunsaturates and saturated fats. They all have their individual roles regarding regulation and availability of energy circulation, in the form of cholesterol, blood sugars, and liver stored energy as glycogen.

Carp cannot synthesize essential fatty acids in their body, and so these must be consumed in their diet. This means, in effect, that they are highly attractive to carp when used in fishing baits.

* The carp essential Omegas series:

In simple terms the most important groups of oils to put into your baits, are the two groups of polyunsaturated (essential) fatty acids (PUFAs); Omega 3, and Omega 6. The more important, where deficiencies cause carp health problems, are the omega 3s:

* Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA.)

* Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA.)

* Eicosapentaenoic acid (EHA) or (EPA.)

Once consumed, the ALA is converted to EHA / EPA; these are the most readily utilized in the carps body.

Typical omega 3 sources used in baits include fish and shellfish oils, cod liver oil, hemp oil, flaxseed oil, sesame seed oil, mixed nut oil etc.

While omega 3s are mainly found in fish oils, the omega 6s are mainly found in vegetable sources. Important ones in the series for bait are:

* Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA.)

* Arachidonic acid.

Examples of omega 6 sources for bait use are: grains, eggs, poultry, seeds, nuts, and other common vegetable oils etc.

(Hemp oil is an obvious choice, containing all the carp essential 3 to 9-omega series!)

Its important to balance them, either in a single oil form, like hemp oil, or a mixture of oils with different omegas in your bait.

Different omegas have different effects in a carps body, for example omega 6 promotes inflammation and omega-3 reduces inflammation.
(Some omegas regulate the others.)

* Examples of omega rich ingredients ideal for use in baits include:

* Hemp oil.

* Sesame seed oil.

* Canola (rapeseed oil.)

* Chia seeds.

* Flaxseeds (linseeds.)

* Niger seeds.

* Soya oil.

* Nut oils.

* Pumpkin seed oils ground-up seeds.

* Evening primrose oil.

* Emulsified pilchard oil.

* Emulsified herring oil.

* Ground canary seeds, like millet.

* Crustacean oils.

* Tiger nut oil.

Hemp oil is also rich in omega 9, as well as EHAs and GLAs too. Its natures most nutritious oil! Fish love it!

Niger seed, for example, is used by many bait companies, at, around 5 % or more, of their boilie mix; it is 40 % beneficial oils and 18 % protein!

Vegetable, shellfish and fish oils great for healthy growing carp and are also very attractive. When higher levels of these are used in aquaculture feeds, vitamin E is supplemented because too much fat can cause vitamin E deficiency in carp!

Most fish meals and shellfish meals that are ideal for use in carp baits are low in fat, at 1 % to 5 %, and therefore make an ideal bulk protein and fat providers.

Shellfish themselves ingest the two important omega 3 groups, (EPA and DHA) through the food chain, from algae and phytoplankton. Plants tend to supply more of the omega 6 group, and it can help to combine the two together in bait.

For optimum growth and balance, carp require linolenic essential fatty acids at 0.5 to 2.5 % of dry feed / bait mix. From this, carp can synthesize longer chain essential fatty acids such as: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA 20:5n 3), and docosahexaenoic acid (EHA 22:6n 3).

Fish need these highly unsaturated fatty acids, (HUFAs) n 3 omega 3 and HUFA n 6 omega 6 of the fatty acid families. Sea foods are perfect ingredients for this role as they are highly digestible and more readily broken down than red meats or poultry.

Carp need long chain essential fatty acids. These are: gamma-linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid (GLAs.) For example: C22 and C221 found in shrimp and krill meals.

In the mid-1980s, one particular UK carp bait manufacturer supplied fish meal boilie base mixes containing high levels of oils with added food source oils. This combination allied with feeding of lakes with large quantities of this bait, produced amazing results over a very short period of time on many waters, because the nutritional value of the bait was preferably attractive to many baits of the time.

* Wheatgerm in carp baits:

Many fishermen hook more fish on baits made with wheatgerm in the winter; but why is this?

Commercial aquaculture feeds often contain wheatgerm at about 10 % of the dry feed mix to provide more easily digestible energy in cold water temperatures. Winter, colder water formulas often have a reduced protein content of fish meal for example, but with the addition of wheatgerm.

Wheatgerm has been proven in scientific tests to have a role in dietary fat and cholesterol assimilation: plasma lipids and cholesterol were significantly decreased by addition of these two wheat components in diets of rats.

Many substances that reduce harmful cholesterol in a carps body can be put into bait, are very healthy, and are very attractive to carp as a result. These act to keep the liver and circulation healthy, among many other helpful roles.

A word about bad cholesterol or saturated fatty acids. In the correct ratio with, for example, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, these are helpful in the carps body for energy production. They are broken down by enzymes (globular proteins), in successive two-carbon fragments called acetates. These then oxidize in the cells to produce energy, which is used or stored using adenosine triphosphate.

Cod liver oil is a great carp bait additive. It contains a profile very much like the famous carp attractor fenugreek extract. it contains a volatile oil, and two or more alkaloids.

Many alkaloids are especially powerful carp attractors and many can be used for effective homemade fishing baits for many species. Trigonelline and choline in the cod liver oil accelerate the release of energy from the carps liver, and reduce glycogen deposition.

Fish seem to really enjoy these effects, and getting caught on bait containing these substances! (Cod liver oil is one of the richest sources of vitamins A and D in the world too!)

* Lecithins to improve the attractiveness and digestibility of your baits:

In winter, it is recommended to drop oil levels slightly in your baits, and add an emulsifying lecithin. These make your oils into a water-soluble emulsion, making it much easier, very importantly, for the carp to digest your bait more effectively for energy.

Lecithins are very interesting ingredients. The newer enzymatically hydrolyzed ones have the best properties, including certain extra activity on other ingredients:

* Higher surface activity.

* Better emulsifying properties.

* Excellent emulsion stability, (‘oil-in water dispensability.’)

* Ability to interact with starch.

* Different kinds of interactions with proteins.

* Lecithins are derived from vegetable oil seeds, soya bean oil, and egg yolks.

They contain choline (a pre-cursor to betaine which assists natural lecithin production in the carp, reduces cholesterol levels in the liver, and is a major source of the essential amino acid in the carp, methionine) fats, inositol (essential at the cellular level for good functioning, especially in the intestine for digestion), and essential fatty acids.

Lecithins and wheatgerm are just 2 ingredients that can make all the difference, to produce great winter carp fishing results. It truly pays to discover as many bait edges as you can, for this colder season!

The author has many more fishing and bait edges up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright, but reprints with a link are OK.)

By Tim Richardson. The thinking anglers fishing author and expert bait making guru.

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January 21, 2015

Facts About Goat Farming

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Demand for products related to goats itself is an indication about good prospects in goat farming. There are some important facts that you have to keep in mind, while you start goat farming. You can opt either diary goat farming, which solely focuses on milk production, or meat goat farming that deals with production of meat. Decide the number of goats you want to have in the farm, relative to the overall space in the farm.

Goat housing is an important aspect in goat farming. Location with low as well as hilly areas that are away from highway and boasts of good irrigation, quality air, tree shades etc is suitable for goat housing. Goat housing must have good height so that goats can stand tall. There should be good ventilation, sufficient space for feeding, proper drainage system.

Housing should give protection against wild animals, weather conditions. Floor space of at least four meter square is required for an individual goat. Fresh water supply, milking space, dry space for keeping feeds etc are also required. Good dry flooring with proper bedding is required.

Then select the best goat breed by checking lineage as well as breed, conformation or body shape. Look out for the growth pattern, milk production capabilities, and fertility before selecting the goats for farms. South African Boer, Nubians, Tennessee meat goat, kiko etc are some of the good meat goat varieties. Alpine, Nubian, Toggenburg, LaMancha, Saane etc are some of the goat breeds for dairy farming.

There is need for live stock management to the taking care of goats in various conditions. In the case of does, special care is required during pregnancy until kidding. Breeder bucks, kids need different care. Management of goats fattening is vital, in the case of meat production.

There should be a proper management schedule for all activities in the farm. There should be enough staff to carryout the activities like feeding, cleaning, hair trimming, dehorning, hoof trimming, hair trimming, separation etc. As chances of infection are greater, effective cleaning mechanism is necessary.

Free grazing system is suitable for farms, which are larger, but management of wandering goats is a big task. Letting goats to graze during days at controllable space will be good, as it will help them to graze good herbs as well as grass. Kids will get chance to run around and feel the suns heat.

The goats feed must contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. Forages, goats feeds made from grains along with energy supplements will be useful for keeping goats in a healthy manner. Special feed is required for goats meant for meat as fatty goats fetches more money.

For breeding farms may use breeder bucks or artificial insemination depending upon the facilities available. In the case of dairy farms, milking machines are necessary for milking the goats. Good storage facilities for milk are necessary.

Presence of fulltime veterinarians and regular health checkups is necessary. Relocation of ill will help in prevention of spreading of illness to other goats. Keeping goats is a business with pleasure, as they are lovely animals.

January 19, 2015

Basic Lineage 2 Adena Farming Guide

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Basic Mob Hunting

You’ll normally collect more adena if you were to hunt solo rather than grouped. The amount collected is usually less unless your character is really gimp and are unable to solo mobs on its own. Ideally you should target gree/blue con mobs. Although they give you much less SP they do provide a good amount of adena for the time you would take to kill them. Make sure the mobs you are farming are not too tough and that you do not have much downtime. If you are caster, assure that you’re able to kill the mob with out having to use too much power. If you’re a tank, try not to lose too much life or you will end up sitting majority of the time you are farming. Find areas where there are less players and is loaded with mobs. Having to wait for respawns can waste alot of time. You also do not want to run into too many players farming the same mobs as you, hence it’ll reduce the amount of mobs for you to farm. Avoid using soulshots as well, they can cost alot of money and should only be used when you’re in danger of dying.


There are some quests that are actually worth doing but here are some basic questing tips you should keep in mind while completing them. Always try to complete the quests that provides the highest amount of rewards for adena and/or offers a very valuable item. Always accept quests that involves killing alot of monsters. It helps you level along with some good loots from time to time. You can also combine certain quests if they are within the same area, being able to complete multiple quests within the same route is much better than completing them seperately. Avoid traveling long distances because they take up alot of time, travelling time can be converted to farming time. Always keep a “scroll of escape” around. Good to use when in danger and good to save yourself time from travelling long distances.


There are many mobs that have good drops, but that doesn’t mean you should solely focus all your time on them. Drop rates are by chance and chances are you will spend more time killing them for nothing than actually being able to get that specific item. However, if you are farming an area with a bunch of mobs and there are some with good drops you would of course choose to hunt those first before the rest.

Buying and Selling

Avoid buying from NPC merchants. They usually tend to cost more than buying from another player in the game. If you are planning to purchase a new set of equipment or any other item, buy them from Giran. Taxes there are only 10% and when you buy in large amounts you tend to save alot more. Do not sell off your loots immediately. Try to find the best bargen for them. Look around for players who are spamming “WTB…”. They tend to offer a higher price than normal since they probably have important use of it. Private stores can be one of your biggest assets in the game. You can easily browse through a wide selection at various prices, although it may lag alot but sometimes it can be worth the time spent. You may also want to setup your own store as well when you want to sell off your items. Would be ideal when you go AFK for a long period of time or planning to go to sleep. Don’t start your store and stare at the screen though, that’s just silly and a waste of time. Avoid selling more than 3 items at a time, set price 5-10% below shop price. You should be able to get a good return within 1-2 hours.

Travelling Merchants

If you have extra adenas laying around and you tend to travel a bit for whatever reason, you can be a travelling merchants. Getting to Giran can take a while and lot of players would rather not travel there to purchase stuff unless neccessay. You can always buy a stock full of some items that are demanded within certain areas and sell them off at a higher rate than being sold at Giran. Arrows, healing potions and soulshots are commonly bought items throughout the game. Ideal to stock up a bit on those and setup a store in caves or where ever when you need to go AFK. From time to time if you know the market well enough, there are players who are in desperate need of adena and will sell their item at a much lower price than normal. You can easily buy that and resell later at a higher rate.

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January 16, 2015

Tips to Choose an Online Florist For Your Wedding

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If you are reading this article, your big day is most probably around the corner. Before we move on, let me sincerely congratulate you. It is always a fun experience when you are planning your wedding. The idea of coordinating with a florist to discuss wedding flowers will definitely bring a big smile on your face. But the tedious thing is the idea of interviewing and selecting the right florist for the job.

Today, there are so many choices around which make it hard for you to choose the right florist to work with. The reason that you should choose a capable florist is because flowers are an important decoration feature at your wedding. The types of flowers that you choose must be able to blend well with the decorations of the hall, and a professional florist can give you the right advice. If you have a shoe-string budget, going to a traditional florist may not be a good idea. You can consider using an online florist as it is more cost effective and convenient for most brides.

In this article, let me share with you 5 tips to choose an online florist for your wedding:

1.Make sure that their flowers are good. Quality is very important and this is something you cannot compromise. You need to ensure your flowers come to you fresh on your big day.

2.Good customer service. A good florist will know that customer service is very important. They should be able to answer all your questions.

3.Experience. A good florist should be able to choose a flower arrangement that will blend with your decoration.

4.Look at the cost of the flowers. Typically, online florists are able to offer lower cost for their flowers because of low overheads. So you might want to compare the prices of various online florists before deciding to engage one.

5.Follow up with the florist few weeks before your big day. After you place your order online, call up the online florists and confirm the date, time and other logistics needed to set up the decoration.

Choosing the right florist for your wedding is extremely important because floral decoration plays a big part on your wedding. A nice floral decoration will make the hall looks romantic and definitely leave a lasting impression in your guests’ mind. So spend some time to do a thorough research and find the right online florist to work with.